Friday, July 3, 2009

The Ol' Switch-a-roo!

So.. over the course of the past few days, we have decided to completely change our wedding colors, which causes us to change almost everything else!

Our centerpieces, although beautiful, don't fit in very well with our whole brown, yellow, and white theme. Although we could use yellow calla lilies, we thinks we're going to have a wedding full of sunflowers, but we plan on jazzing them up a bit to make them seem not so summery and bright.

That said, we've also had to change our bridesmaids dresses to brown. Which they all seem to really like, so there's no problem there! Also, the attire for Mr. and his buddies seems like it will be a lot easier to find.
As soon as we changed our colors, I knew I wanted sunflowers to be the main focal point, only to find out that they don't grow in the winter!! But, I knew there had to be a way around that, and there was... The Grower's Box!! They are a comlete life saver! Not only are they well priced, but their customer service is great! I spoke with a guy named Jonathan, and he was more than happy to help! Also, the shipping isn't even that bad! To Hawaii and Alaska, shipping is roughly $25, but to anywhere else in the country, it's free!! Anyhoo.. Jonathan was able to tell me that they would be able to get both the large and small sunflowers with the brown centers in January without a problem. That said, I now have saved us at least $1,000 by buying our flowers online and making the centerpieces ourselves, which should be fairly easy, and cheap! I actually think I may be ordering too many flowers, but for the price, I'm so comfortable ordering more, rather than cutting it too close.

I have yet to blog about my dress, don't I! Hmmm.. perhaps my next post. Toodaloo!

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