Sunday, July 19, 2009

Now, Pump It!

I love watching infomercials at night when I can't sleep. They're so interesting, and I wonder why people waste their money on these things. Well. I have to take my hat off to Turbo Jam, because it really is an ass kicker!

I didn't actually stay up until 2 am and call in, my cousin somehow burnt me a copy, and voila, I have Turbo Jam! I was a little skeptical at first to try it out, but my wedding dress guilt crept up on me, and I threw in the Learn & Burn DVD. Right there, hooked! I was actually tired when I did this, and actually got in a good workout! The next day, my abs were sore!!

I've done the 20 minute workout, and that is a nice workout if you really need to work out but don't have much time. However, I've learned with Turbo Jam (and Chaleene tells you this), you get what you put in. So, if you aren't shakin and groovin, punching and kicking with the effort you could/should be putting in, don't expect quick results.

I did the Turbo Sculpt for the first time the other day, and my booty got kicked! 45 minutes of working out pretty much evey muscle in your body! I knew I worked hard, but didn't think I had really given it my all, until I woke up the next morning and my arms and legs were aching! I'm so hooked. Losing 40 pounds is definitly worth good pain like that!

Another workout that I'm a fan of is the Ab Jam. I do that after I do either the Turbo Sculpt or the 20 minute work out. I do it the Ab Jam for even more of an ab workout. In all of the DVDs Chaleen does an ab workout, but since my tummy is one of my problem areas, I want to put in as much effort as I can!

However, I am sad to say that I have yet to try the Cardoio Party. Maybe I'll try it some time this week. Cardio really scares me for some reason! I was a competitive swimmer since age 8, and stopped in high school to start playing water polo. It's not like I have no cardio, I dunno, if I'm not swimming, I don't have it. I have never been able to run, and the thought of running just makes me want to find a hole and crawl in.

On top of the wonderful Turbo Jam army, I've been going to the gym if I'm not doing Turbo Jam, so I'm staying pretty active. I found out our gym offers some great Pilates, Yoga, PiYo (Pilates & Yoga) classes, so I've been taking advantage of those.

Must. Lose. Weight! Maybe as motivation, I'll take a picture of myself from the front & side everyday and see what type of progress i make/don't make.

Happy Exercising!

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