Saturday, August 1, 2009

And the Changes Continue

Bwahahaha! The changes keep on coming! It really is getting a little funny now. What is the change this time? Well.. 1) Our shade of yellow 2) No sunflowers anywhere! 3) Centerpieces

As for the shade of yellow, it has changed to a pale yellow. One reason was that the company we are ordering the invitations from doesn't have sunflower yellow, and I also didn't really love the sunflower yellow color. It was too.. bright for us.

So, that brings me to the flowers.. no sunflowers, anywhere! Yep, that entire idea has been nixed. After thinking about it a little more, sunflowers were too cute, and we really want a sultry, shmexy feeling wedding and reception. More of a cozy, intimate feeling, rather than a bouncy, sunshine, hip-hip-hoorah wedding. Make sense? Geez.. I hope. Not that we don't want it to feel happy, just not so... perky. There. That describes it!

So, that brings us to the centerpieces! After deciding on no sunflowers, I panicked a little as to what we were now going to use as our centerpieces. I don't really like fluffy centerpieces, but still wanted the yellow. That's when I came across this bad boy. As soon as I saw it, I was in la-la-la-loveee. It's shmexy, and whimsy, and beautiful, yet fun. Perfect.

And so the search began for branches. Manzanita branches to be exact. Being that I live on a chain of rocks in the middle of the Pacific, we don't have much. I've looked around at our 5 or so craft stores (It's so sad. No Michaels, A.C. Moore, Jo Ann's. Boo.) and haven't been able to find these types of branches. Soo.. I turned to the internet, and came across an extremely helpfull and pretty cheap website, Blooms and Branches. They have 18 manzanita branches, ranging from 18" - 24" for only $129.00 with shipping included!! That comes out to $7.17 per branch, including shipping! Most branches are around that price just for the branch! I have yet to order them, but hopefully their "shipping included" bit applies to Hawaii. *fingers crossed* Nope. It doesn't.. just checked. Dammit! Why does nobody like our state?

Stay tuned to find out where I eventually get these lovely branches.

As for the flowers, yellow cymbidium orchids, my cousin's friend's friend is a wholesaler of tropical flowers, so I'm hoping we'll get those cheap. We're still waiting to hear back about those though. I really can't wait to start making these! However, I'm not too sure how to get the branch to stay. Some people use cement, but I think that's a bit extreme, plus, I want to have those little flowers filling the vase. Any ideas??

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