Sunday, June 14, 2009

Inspired & Motivated

I'm here at work today, killing time by looking at wedding things. Usually it's just a day full of looking at random things and gathering ideas of what I want to do, but for the past two days I have just been completely inpired and motivated to be a DIY Bride! Whether or not I can do it is another story, but I'm going to do the best that I can.

All of my inspiration, motivation, and the flowing of my creative juices has stemmed from this blog, Road to the Aisle. I've come across her blog a few times in the past, earlier in the planning, but this weekend I seem to just be completely loving it. The blog owner's name is Heather, and she is just a crafting genius! She has DIYed her aisle runner, invitations (pocket folds!), save the dates, jewelry, and made a photo card box to name a few things. Plus, not only does she create things for herself, but for others too! Ahh! Here are some pictures of her work:

Her DIY Aisle Runner

Her DIY Wedding Invitations... Pockefolds too!!

I have decided that I want to have a go at making our invitations, creating a banner for the ceremony that reads "Here Comes the Bride", a photo-frame box, a shadow box, and our own monogram. But see, now, these items come from the inspiration of just this one website. I have also been inspired to make our favors and a few items to be featured on our candy buffet, but I'll save that post for another day. Or maybe I'll do it in a few hours/minutes, I'm pretty darn bored.

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