Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wedding Flowers

Here they are! These are the pictures I have been sending out to my florist to get price quotes. I never would have guess how expensive flowers cost! Yano what's breaking my bank? My bouquet and centerpieces! They're so pretty though, how can I sacrifice either?

To top things off, what makes the flowers even more expensive is that I live in Hawaii, so thanks to shipping, up goes the cost of our flowers!

Allow me to break the arrangements down for you, just because, well, that's the whole purpose behind this blog!

Centerpieces: Submerged flame mini-calla lilies in 4 vases of varying sizes with a floating candle in each vase to top
it off. And of course, surrounded by votives. So far, the quotes I have gotten are $100 per centerpiece. We have at least 20 tables. What a wallet buster! Perhaps I'll have a friend make them? Do them myself and become a DIY queen?

Bridal bouquet: A lush bouquet of hand tied peonies. Ready for this? $200 at the least! I've been told it's because peonies are not in season in January. SAD. I've always dreamed of a peony bouquet, but now may be considering doing a DIY carnation bouquet. Quite a down grade, but a big money saver.

s: I'm still unsure of what to do for them. The picture in the bottom left is what I was thinking, but I'm unsure if that's going to be too random. I was also thinking of giving them a small bouquet of the same flowers going into the centerpieces and cutting the stems short. This way, the only person with different flowers in the wedding is me (it's my day, right?). Thoughts?

Alright, that's all the extent of that break downage. I wanted to share a great website that my mother in law passed on to me. For all of you brides who are on a budget, love sparkly things, and don't mind doing some little things yourself, I highly reccomend checking out
Diamond Party Confetti.
It's not just diamond party confetti, they also have edible cake diamonds, "diamond" pins for your bouquets and your hair, and the bouquet "bracelets". That's just to name a few things.

Well, the fiance is begging me to shut off the computer and stop the blogging for the night. Time for bed! I'll most likely be back tomorrow, during work, killng time.

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