Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cake. Yummm..

Yes, ladies and gentleman, that is our cake design! Mr. and I looked high and low for a cake design that we both agreed on, and we finally came to this one. We like how different it is. We didn't want just a plain cake, and didn't want a very busy cake either, so this meets us very nicely in the middle. I also really wanted flowers on my cake, but knew I didn't want the cascading down the cake because I think that is cheezy (not sure why though).
Of course we wanted to tweek the cake just a tad smidge. Instead of the pink ribbon, we are asking for chocolate brown to go with our theme, and for the flowers, yellow cybidium ordchids. One thing that we found amazing about our baker is, the flowers and ribbon will be edible! The ribbon made of fondant, and the flowers made of sugar! Coooool!

Once we found our cake, we had a tasting with our baker, Vikki of Sunshine Cake Creations. Oh Vikki, she is really one of the sweetest people I've ever met. She has a wonderful passion for her craft, and I love it. I even jokingly said that I wanted to come help her bake things and she, non-jokingly, said come on down! Ahh! I may take her up on that offer, how fun!

Well, it was a rather large tasting - Mr., Miss. Nebraska, Miss. Vegas & her bf, and our friend Miss. UH. Regardless, everyone present got to tast Vikki's yummy-yum-yum flavors and we were not disappointed! We tasted (let's hope I can remember them all) guava, strawberry guava, chocolate w/ coconut filling, chocolate hazel crunch, and red velvet. Don't they all sound delish! Well, of all of those, Mr. and I chose the strawberry guava and chocolate hazel crunch. We still have to decide on two more flavors for the top tier and the sheet cake. We have another tasting coming up, and can't wait! One of the flavors up for the next tasting.. chocolate guiness, how exciting!!

Like I mentioned a little earlier, Vikki is amazing! She is going to make us sugar flowers, and we may even ask her to make us a cake topper! Shall it be a mini bride and groom or our initial? We aren't sure yet, but whatever we get, we know it will be amazing (and one less DIY project for me).

Oahu Brides! I strongly suggest that if you are looking for a high quality cake, with great pricing, and amazing customer service, you turn to Vikki of Sunshine Cake Creations. Check out the gallery on her webpage, and take a peek at her flavors, you won't be dissapointed!!

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