Saturday, August 29, 2009

Flower Pretties

I have been searching for a rather long time on the type of bouquet I wanted for myself. At first I really wanted peonies, but then was told that they were out of season and the bouquet itself would start out at around $175.

I love how fluffy and chic and girly they look, yet, it looks like they may be an arm and a leg. Aren't they just gorgeous? I was then told that maybe I should pick a bloom in season, or available year round. Boo. So then I turned to hydrangeas. I love how round and full they are, but still, they didn't seem to hit the spot.

Since then, I've been looking and looking to find a bouquet I like. As I may have mentioned before, I really like the whole, "simple, but not" look. That is when I came across these lovelies!

I absolutely love how different they are! And they look so simple, like one large bloom, but they aren't! They are many little petals put together to look like one large bloom.. LOVE! I'm really liking how fragile they look, and they totally have the "simple, but not" thing going on. The Hawaii florist that is linked to the lovely creations is Flower Girls Hawaii.

You better trust and believe that I already emailed them, girl! I am really loving these two designs. If they could do a white version of the one on the right for myself, and a version of the one on the left, only with yellow instead of purple, and a tad bit smaller for the bridesmaids, then hunny, we're in! Or maybe even, the one on the right in all yellow for the girls and the one on the right with yellow for me. What do you think? Who should have which arrangement?

Love, love, love! Ohh, I'm so excited to hear back from them with a quote!!

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  1. yay! i'm glad the eyeliner worked out for you. =)

    And that bouquet is SO cute. I haven't even thought about what my bouquet will be like yet! I kind of want something all green.....but w/o looking like i'm holding a head of broccoli...