Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yummy.. Goma Tei!!

Please pardon the shoddy quality of my blackberry camera : )

So I finally made it to one of my favorite places to eat Ramen, Goma Tei. Goma Tei's first restaurant was located at Ward Center, but can now also be conveniently found at Ala Moana, right between the ABC store and GNC on the Makai side of the mall.

When we arrived it was actually right in the middle of lunch, and we were lucky enough to find the last spot at the counter. Most people who came in after us had to wait a little bit for a place to clear out, but they eventually got to enjoy the goodness of Goma Tei.

We sat down and the server handed us menus, which we quickly gave back, telling him we already knew what we wanted. As usual, I ordered the Shoyu Ramen completely plain (because I'm very picky), so that means pretty much only noodles and broth. The picture is actually of my friend's Shoyu Ramen with the large portion of char siu and there usually is a generous portion of choy sum in there as well, but she ordered it without.

As a side dish, Miss Nihon-jin ordered their Chicken Tastukaage, which is just ono! It's like Karaage chicken, only so much better. The pieces are large, and juicy, and the sauce adds an interesting taste to it as well.

or my side dish I ordered a small curry and rice, but sorry there is no picture! I was so excited to eat it when it came that I completely forgot to take a picture until it was too late and the only thing left was a few pieces of rice and curry sauce. Nonetheless, it was yummmmy.

Yep, that's it! I completely finished my bowl of delish ramen. I always leave there satisfied and don't have to eat for quite a few hours, haha.

Also, if you still aren't convinced, my friend from Japan, Miss Nihon-jin, swears that this is the best ramen on Oahu that she has been able to find after her 7 years of being here. Yes, yes, there is Tenkaipin on Kapahulu to eat at, but we went there and really weren't impressed. The broth was oily and the service was terrible. They even reminded Miss Nihon-jin that the tip was separate.. RUDE! Let's just say they didn't get very much of a tip. Actually, Miss Nihon-jin comes from the area in Japan where the original Tenkaipin Ramen was started and says the one here is disgusting compared to the one in Japan.

Lesson learned.. if you want ramen, visit Goma Tei!! You won't be disappointed! And if you do go, leave me a comment and let me know what you had and how it was. Enjoy!

P.S. I promise my post about Kanpai is coming up soon. I was actually there for a good 7 hours on Thursday night, but I'll save that for later ; )

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