Saturday, October 3, 2009

007 Groomsmen Gifts

Bridal party gifts. I had no idea we had to give bridal party gifts until learning about them on Project Wedding. On PW, I learned that you should give your bridal party little, useful thank you gifts that they can either use on wedding day, in the future, or both.

That said, we had to think of what Derek's friends would really consider useful. Monogrammed cuff links? NO. The only time they ever wear collared shirts is if they're going to a club with dress code, and they don't go to those kinds of clubs. From there we were pretty much stuck. Until I had an epiphany.. Flasks!! His friends love to drink! We can even personalize them with their names! I thought I was brilliant, until I stumbled upon these babies!

What 20 something year old guy who goes out all the time wouldn't want one of these?? I found them\ HERE, and they were only $27.00 with personalization! They are 6 oz. leather wrapped flasks with a super cool 007 compartment for cigarettes and money, but unfortunately they don't fit an ID. Would that not have been perfect if an ID fit in there?? Anyhow, we ordered 5 of them ASAP and we just received them this past week. It only took about 2 weeks for them to come and they look just as cool in person as they do in the picture.

We plan on putting a little thank you note in their 007 compartments, and will also buy them a bottle of their favorite liquor to accompany their flasks.

These things are pretty darn cool if I do say so myself =)

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