Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Photographer!

So.. Derek and I have completely changed our photographer and lost out on our $500 deposit with our old photographer. *GASP* I know, but in the end, we still end up saving $900, which is awesome!!

We decided to move to JacquieRyan Photographic, only to learn that Jacquie will be moving and the company name will be changed to Ryan Best Photography. At first I was a little scared, but looked at his work, and the pictures that made me want to pick their company in the first place are mostly all his!

Ryan's work really speaks to me. I love his use of color and shadows, and the prices are great too! If you want to check out his Flikr to see his work,
CLICK HERE. That picture up there of Makapu'u is actually one that Ryan took. Gorgous, right?!

Although it would have been ideal to get at least an engagement shoot out of our old photographer, they were kind enough to give us a portrait session. It'll be a 10-15 minute shoot at Magic Island and we'll get 10 pictures on a CD as well as 25 free cards. We plan on using these as Christmas Cards, and we'll also be including them in the wedding most likely.

Anyhow, please go check out our new photographer, Ryan Best! At first we were a little scared to switch photographers, but now, we feel really great about it =)

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