Saturday, October 3, 2009

My First DUI Experience

Anyone ever got pulled over for one? I've driven through one, but never got pulled over, thank God.

However, last night I get a phone call from one of my BMs sobbing that she got a DUI and I need to pick her up. The poor girl is from Japan and has absolutely NO family here. By the time she called me, she had already been in custody for 2 hours and had been calling anyone and everyone she can think of. They were nice enough to do that, whereas usually they only give you one chance to call someone. When she heard that and the first person didn't answer, she started bawling and told them she has no family, only friends here and that they might not answer because they're either out or sleeping. She said she didn't call me first because she didn't want to wake me up, knowing I had work the next morning at 8am.

So I tell her of course I will pick her up. The officer gives me a number and tells me to call it around 4am to find out what her bail will be. I call, and they tell me they're busy and to call back at 4:30am. Apparently, the check point got a lot of people that night. I call back and find out the bail is $500.. Ahh! So I stumble around getting dressed, throw my hair up in the best bun I could manage half asleep and go get some cash.

So.. I'm armed and ready with my $500 to bail her frightened little Japanese ass out, and they make me wait 20 minutes to even give someone the money, and another 20 for her to come out!

By the time she came out she was totally traumatized. She was so freaked out that they took her shoes and made her walk around bare foot, and she had to pee so badly because she refused to use the toilets in the cell. And I guess the normal crazies were in there so she was getting freaked out by that too. They also kept asking where I was and if I was coming (it took me only 30 minutes to get dressed, get money, and actually get over there!) and telling her that if I don't come they would throw her in jail for the whole weekend (more sobbing.. poor thing).

Anyhow.. by the time I dropped her back off at her car, it was 6am, and she had work at 7. I got home around 6:20am and decided sleeping for another 25 minutes just wasn't worth it.

So now, I am here at work, tired as hell. But the lesson I learned after the night of hell my poor little Japanese friend was put through.. JAIL SUCKS. Seeing how scared she was made me feel so bad for her. Lesson learned.

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